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Temple Tattoo and BodyPiercing Studios
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Tattoo Appointments, Walk-Ins, Custom Pieces of ALL Styles.... Visit our Studio & Find What's Right For You!!!
-Custom Tattoo Studio -
Temple's group of artists and piercers chose to create a coalition of only the highest caliber of professionals. They aim to create a process that simply clarifies every little detail and a Guarantee that your experience is unique and everlasting!

The staff at Temple Tattoo and Body Piercing Studio have seen and heard from so many clients that their ideas were ridiculed or made fun of or simply denied by other studios that they have encountered. The Owners, Artists and Piercers at Temple Tattoo will treat you with the appreciation and professionalism that you would expect. Ideally the Tattoo design or Piercing should be a result of clients and Artists working together to create the best outcome possible. 

The name "Temple" was chosen for multiple reasons, just as it has multiple meanings. First, it refers to a sacred ground where only acts of purity and compassion are expected. Secondly, our body is our Temple and they are here to put your nerves at ease. They are here to provide your unique body modification strictly to the highest standards. Lastly, it is related to the idea of Zen. The first idea born was that of a centered and relaxed staff and clientele. Again, Temple wants you to enjoy your time and investment of a Tattoo or Piercing so they have created an environment both professional and relaxing, a process that is clear and upfront, and a guaranteed integrity and reliability in everything they offer.